Boeing To Upgrade 117 AH-64D Apaches To AH-64E Model

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  • 10:11 AM, April 15, 2016
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Boeing To Upgrade 117 AH-64D Apaches To AH-64E Model
Boeing awarded $1.5 Billion contract to remanufacture 117 Apache Helicopters

Boeing has won a contract from the US Army to remanufacture 117 AH-64D Apache helicopters to the new, more capable AH-64E model.

The agreement, which also includes the acquisition of Longbow Crew Trainers, logistical support and spares, carries a total contract value of about $1.5 billion, the company press release said.

The US Army has stated it plans to acquire 690 AH-64E Apaches, 290 of which are now under contract with this latest award.

“The AH-64E Apache continues to meet the requirements of aviators, battlefield commanders and soldiers deployed on missions worldwide,” said U.S. Army Apache Project Manager, Col. Jeff Hager. “The Army, Boeing and Team Apache suppliers continue a valuable collaboration that ensures soldiers have the latest technologies to succeed in defending freedom with this outstanding weapons system.”

“With our integrated production, services and training teams, Boeing is able to affordably support the Army through each phase of the Apache’s lifecycle,” said Kim Smith, vice president, Attack Helicopter Programs, Boeing Vertical Lift. “The dedication and commitment to first-time quality by Boeing teammates and suppliers combine to deliver an Apache that is ready to meet the rigorous demands of the men and women who depend on it.”

The agreement modifies an existing contact among Boeing and the Army for the full-rate production of lots 5 and 6 Apache helicopters. The Army will return 117 AH-64D Apaches to Boeing’s Mesa, Ariz. production center to be remanufactured into the AH-64E configuration. The Army followed a similar model when the AH-64A Apaches were remanufactured into AH-64Ds.

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