Pakistan Sets Up Tactical Nuclear Missiles Base?

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  • 02:58 PM, April 28, 2016
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Pakistan Sets Up Tactical Nuclear Missiles Base?
Tactical nuclear missile deployed at Gujranwala (Image: @rajfortyseven on twitter)

Has Pakistan set up a base to launch tactical nuclear missiles aimed at India?

Reports appearing in the Indian media quoting satellite imagery taken from social media have said the base is close to the Indian border in Punjab province and houses transporter, erecter launcher vehicles as well as short-range nuclear tipped missiles.

An Indian Satellite Imagery expert posted satellite images along with his assessment last Sunday on twitter giving details of the Pakistani tactical nuclear deployment. According to his assessment, the location has been marked to Gujranwala.

The GE images dated January 27, this year, show two possible Nasr transporter-erector-launcher vehicles (TELs) along with support vehicles have been laid out for VIP inspection.

The location of the site is 60 kms from the international border, about 90 kms from Jammu and 100 kms from Amritsar in India. The site has a four layered security with triple fencing. The innermost is a solid fence with raised guard posts all along the visual range. It has two large exits and one small entrance.

According to the assessment, the complex is fortified and includes two hardened highbay garages with blast doors on the east and small wide exits on the west. Both the highbays are connected with a 6m wide covered hardened pathway. It has DES bunkers. The area has eight garages with five parks each suggesting storage spaces for atleast 10 TELs. It has two square turning pads.

As per the assessments, the deployment of Pakistani tactical nuclear missiles at Gujranwala indicates strategic importance of Shakargarh bulge. The Pakistani nuclear threat is real and at India’s doorstep.

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