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11:03 AM, May 19, 2016
Syria Receives MTs-116M Sniper Rifles From Russia: Media Reports
Russian MT-116s Sniper rifle

Syria has reportedly received a batch of MT-116M sniper rifles from Russia.

The National Republican Guard have issued the sniper rifles to one of the women’s units of the service, Tass quoted Syrian media outlets as saying Wednesday.

MTs-116M sniper rifle is developed by Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (a subsidiary of the High-Precision Weapons holding). It can be chambered for Soviet 7.62x54Rmm, NATO STANAG 2310 7.62x51mm, .338 (8.6x70mm) Lapua Magnum or .300 (7.62x67mm) Winchester Magnum cartridges.

According to Syrian media, the national Republican Guard have received MTs-116M sniper rifles in 7.62x54Rmm variant. Such modification has a combat weight of 6.5 kg (without magazine, scope and bipod), a length of 1,250 mm (including barrel of 715 mm), a magazine capacity of 10 rounds and an effective firing range of 700 m. Syrian soldiers have got early modifications of MTs-116M with wooden stock and Picatinny rail system intended for installation of various optical scopes. The latest variant of the rifle features polymer stock and two Picatinny rails at the top of the weapon`s barrel.

According to the national media outlets, Syrian Special Forces have also received AK-104 compact assault rifles produced by Kalashnikov Concern. The rifle is chambered for M43 7.62x39mm cartridge. Due to the shortage of organic polymer magazines, Syrians use Soviet metal or bakelite ones.

AK-104 has a combat weight of 3.7 kg, a length of 824 mm (including barrel of 314 mm), a muzzle velocity of 670 m/s, a firing rate of 600 rounds per minute and an effective firing range of 500 m.

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