China's J-20 Stealth Aircraft, Y-20 Transport To Enter Service "In Near Future"

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  • 09:58 AM, June 2, 2016
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China's J-20 Stealth Aircraft, Y-20 Transport To Enter Service
China's J-20 Stealth Aircraft, Y-20 Transport To Enter Service "In Near Future"

China’s J-20 stealth fighter-bomber Aircraft and Y-20 tactical transport plane will be put into service “in the near future” and this will effectively enhance the PLA Air Force’s capability.

The official website made this assertion while denying reports that the J-20 stealth fighter had entered PLA Southern Theater Command service and that comprehensive training between J-20 and J-10 fighter are on.

“The so-called "TV images" cited by those false reports are actually the images of J-20’s flight that were misused when a TV program reported an aviation unit of the air force under the PLA Southern Theater Command on May 29,” the website said.

Western media has claimed the J-20’s stealth features have been copied from the American F-35 and the Y-20 transport is a replica of the Boeing C-17 due to the Chinese aircrafts’ similarity in looks to their American competitors. A charge that China vehemently denies.

At present, the J-20 stealth fighter and Y-20 transport plane are undergoing relevant test flights based on schedules. 

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