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10:57 PM, June 6, 2016
Raytheon Wins $249 Million To Rebuild Engines For US Marine Corps’ Vehicles

The U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Command has awarded Raytheon Company up to $249 million for work on the Secondary Reparable, or SECREP program, rebuilding vehicle parts such as engines, transmissions and electronics.

The Marine Corps takes delivery of the items at approximately half the price of buying new. The savings can be re-invested into Marine Corps logistics, helping to ensure the readiness of mission-essential vehicles, Raytheon said in a statement Monday.

"Raytheon sustainment helps maximize the readiness for warfighters deployed around the globe," said Dave Wajsgras, president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS). "Our innovative processes help to ensure customers are ready to operate anywhere, with the right equipment at the right time."

Raytheon has helped the Marine Corps realize millions in cost underruns through sustainment programs, which were made available for reinvestment. Raytheon's 98 percent on-time delivery of these mission critical components has resulted in significant cost efficiencies.

This contract covers approximately 1,000 different items serviced by a network of original equipment manufacturers, military depots and small business suppliers. On this previous program Raytheon passed approximately 60 percent of revenues to small businesses, supporting American entrepreneurs while guaranteeing an effective supply chain for the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Command.


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