Azerbaijan to Receive 10 An-178 Transport Aircraft From Ukraine

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  • 03:19 PM, June 7, 2016
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Azerbaijan to Receive 10 An-178 Transport Aircraft From Ukraine
An-178 transport aircraft

Azerbaijani company signed an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov to purchase 10 An-178 aircraft.

The price of the contract has not been disclosed, but it has become known that the first advance payment has already been made by Azerbaijan's company. The amount of prepayment has not been disclosed either, Ukrainian news agency reported Tuesday.

The report says the negotiations have lasted for nearly a year. The Antonov An-178 will be delivered to Azerbaijan in two shipments within two years: two aircraft to be delivered first, followed by another eight, which may be assembled in the territory of Azerbaijan.

The An-178 aircraft made its first flight last year. As of now, there have been 77 landings. Testing of the aircraft is underway. An-178 can transport up to 18 tonnes of various cargo.

The aircraft accelerates to 850 kilometers per hour and flies at a cruising altitude of about 12 kilometers. 

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