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12:36 PM, June 8, 2016
Russian Helicopters To Minimize Dependence On Foreign Software
Astra Linux

Russian Helicopters plan to reduce the use of Microsoft Solutions and by opting to use Astra Linux operating system to minimize dependence on foreign software.

Russian Helicopters directs funding for the development of domestic engineering capacity in order to move on Russian developments in the field of IT and free software, Rostec said in a statement Wednesday.

One of the priority tasks of Russian Helicopters in the field of information technology is the phasing out of Microsoft's products and the transition to domestic Astra Linux operating system, which was created for the needs of Russian law enforcement agencies and special services.

In terms of sanctions by the West, the transition of organizations and companies working in the Russian defense became even more relevant since the IT infrastructure built on foreign technologies, may at any time be free technical support and upgrades.

Currently, the holding company specialists carry out practical work on import substitution in the IT architecture of the operating company and holding companies. In addition, the use of domestic software and equipment will potentially reduce procurement costs, licensing and support of Microsoft twice.

"Import substitution in the holding company IT infrastructure provides only a positive effect. It will provide reliability, security, process stability and will allow us to further reduce software costs without loss of quality, " Michael Nosov, IT director, Russian Helicopters said in his report at the conference" Digital Industry of Russia "(Cipro -2016).

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