Chinese Private Sector Exhibit Defense Equipment At CNTE Expo

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  • 09:08 AM, June 17, 2016
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Chinese Private Sector Exhibit Defense Equipment At CNTE Expo

China has kicked off the Chinese Defense Information Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2016 (CNTE 2016) in Beijing on June 15, 2016, which aims to promote military-civilian integration and push forward private enterprises to produce military products.

The three-days exhibit showcases information-based equipment including new energy, new material, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), power transmission, aeronautics and astronautics, warship and vehicle, satellite navigation, simulation equipment, electronic communication and anti-terrorism equipment, covering main fields of military weapons and equipment in private enterprises’ scientific research and production, China Military Online reported.

The exhibits at the CNTE2016 almost cover all the military aspects including those for troops’ wartime operations and those for their peacetime training and daily routine management.

They range from such individual equipment as holsters, tactical gloves, multifunctional helmets, optical sighting telescopes and night vision instruments to training support equipment including those for barrack intelligent management, optical fiber sensing, simulated training, and information and network security, and even battlefield weapons and equipment including UAV, Beidou Navigation System, special vehicles and multifunctional cabins, showcasing private enterprises’ strong competitiveness in the military product market.

The CNTE 2016 fully showcases Chinese superior private enterprises’ comprehensive participation in many military fields including weapons and equipment’s scientific research, production, maintenance and repair, and support, and their increasingly participating degree in these fields. 

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