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05:55 AM, June 18, 2016
Argentina In Negotiations With France To Purchase 12 F-1 Mirage, Mirage 2000 And 20 Pucaras Aircraft Engines
Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft

Argentina is reportedly in negotiations with France to purchase 12 F-1 Mirage fighter aircraft and Mirage 2000 and some engines to use for 20 Argentina Pucaras aircraft that are grounded.

The context of the acquisition evolved favourably due to the agreement between the two ministers to circumscribe the operation to a "state within state" to avoid intermediaries and take advantage of the new climate of trust established between the two countries.

"The Argentina Air Force cannot do without supersonic aircraft. Our pilots must be able to train in modern appliances," Argentinian Defense Minister Julio Martinez was quoted as saying by French La Nacion during his visit to France Wednesday. "The transaction provides excellent value and very favourable conditions."

Martinez refused however to advance amounts, modes of operation and payment deadlines because "negotiations are not finished."

He also acknowledged that even if the United States proposed the country selling their supersonic F-16, the "French option" is more consistent with the needs of the country: "The time of flight of the F-16 makes them almost prohibitively" he said.

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