Russia Develops Helicopter Engine to End Dependence on Ukriane

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  • 11:44 AM, June 24, 2016
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Russia Develops Helicopter Engine to End Dependence on Ukriane
TV7-117V helicopter engine (Image: Rostec)

The United Engine Corporation (UEC) has started a serial production of new engines TV7-117V developed by JSC "Klimov" for helicopters Mi-38.

Turboprop engine modifications can be also used on the aircraft IL-114 and IL-112V. The emergence of  TV7-117V  engines allows to carry out a complete import substitution of production in this segment, Rostec said in a statement Thursday.

By 2020 it is planned to produce totally at least 200 different modifications (for helicopters and planes). Earlier our engines for civil and military vehicles were made only in Ukraine. Now TV7-117V engines are made of details and engine components that are entirely mastered in the country. The peculiarity of TV7-117V engine family is to ensure helicopter’s safety in extreme situations. Before 2020 we plan to release more than 200 engines of TV7-117V engine family. Today the corporation has fully expanded the serial production of  engines TV7-117V  - major supplier of components for the final engines’ assembly will be companies, that are part of  UEC - JSC "V.V. Chernyshev MME", JSC "SPC Gas Turbine "Salute", as well as other enterprises, official UEC representative Anastasia Denisova to " Izvestia" said.

According to Anton Lavrov, an expert in the field of armaments , Mi-38 will replace the most mass helicopters’ family Mi-8/17. "The car will take place between the precursors and heavier helicopters Mi-26, - the expert said. Il-112 and Il-114 will become substitutes for "Antonov" machines An-24 and An-26 on the regional airlines and in the Ministry of  Defense. Logically, the first customer of the new Mi-38 was the Ministry of  Defense. Under the recent exhibition HeliRussia-2016 holding "Russian Helicopters" and the Ministry of  Defense have agreed on the timing and sales of new machines. "

The modification of the Mi-38 was previously developed with engine Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127TS.  UEC decided not to comment on the possibility of using Pratt & Whitney engines in the future, for example, for export contracts.

The company only said that it was originally intended to use two motors for the new Russian aircraft MS-21: one is American - by Pratt & Whitney, the other is Russian - PD-14. In the first case the machine was intended for export. In the second - for domestic market. As a result, due to the western sanctions against Russia, domestic engine turned out to be the only one. The same thing happens today with Mi-38.

Initially the machine was positioned for the foreign market, where it is easier to certify it with western engines. But as the Ministry of  Defense-the largest domestic customer- has become the first buyer, it was offered the machines, that are fully completed by domestic equipment.

The developer claims, that TV7-117V is better than PW127T / S in almost all characteristics; it has a higher power on mode, the best indicators of mass perfection and fuel economy. In addition TV7-117V engine can operate in any climatic conditions - in the tropics and in the Arctic.  These advantages will ensure Mi-38 an impressive export potential.

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