(Source: ATK)
12:00 AM, October 17, 2008
MINNEAPOLIS --- Alliant Techsystems announced today that it reached an agreement with United Space Alliance (USA) to perform subcontractor support to ATK for NASA's Ares I launch vehicle. In December 2005, NASA named ATK as the prime contractor for the Ares I first stage and subsequently awarded a multi-year contract to the company for the design, development, test and evaluation phase of the program. Ares I is NASA's next-generation human space flight launch vehicle.>> In its role as prime contractor ATK will continue to support NASA with overall requirements maturation, integration and establishment of interfaces within the first stage subsystems. ATK also will provide first stage and system level avionics, and coordinate a variety of supplier and subcontractor efforts for both the solid rocket segments and the new first stage assembly components.>> USA's work scope includes engineering and analysis support to ensure space shuttle Solid Rocket Booster hardware meets the new Ares first stage requirements, refurbishment of Space Shuttle components and subsystems for the first stage, and procurement of several avionics and ordnance components. USA also has a role in the deceleration subsystem with the new parachutes design, development and testing. USA will provide skilled personnel to build up and integrate the new forward structures, designed by ATK.>> "ATK has successfully supported NASA's efforts over the last two years by leading Ares I first stage Integrated Product Teams, and completing the first stage Preliminary Design Review with NASA this summer," said Michael Kahn, Executive Vice President and General Manager, ATK Launch Systems. "Now that we are approaching the next phase of the Ares I program we are pleased to have USA as our major subcontractor. This is the most effective team to ensure success and the best value for NASA.