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03:19 PM, July 8, 2016
Leonardo-Finmeccancia To Present NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance System During Warsaw Summit
Northrop Grumman RQ-4 NATO AGS UAV

Leonardo-Finmeccanica to present NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system to heads of state and Senior officials at the 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit taking place on eighth and ninth July.

The NATO AGS System, whose operational capabilities are being illustrated to the delegations taking part to the NATO Summit, sees Northrop Grumman as prime contractor for surveillance and for citizens and territories security, Leonardo-Finmeccanica said in a statement Friday.

Leonardo will contribute in the development and delivery of the operational control centre ground station, two transportable ground stations and communications technology for the transmission of data and imagery between the remotely piloted aircraft and the ground segment and mission support facilities. These systems, which are core to the surveillance system of the Alliance, are manufactured at Leonardo’s facility in Caselle, outside of Turin, in cooperation with other Leonardo’s sites in Italy and involve about 200 employees.

The NATO AGS programme, which includes remotely piloted aircraft, sensors, ground stations and mission support systems has the scope to provide territory surveillance, protect civilians and ground troops, to assist with border control and to improve NATO’s ability to respond to crises and provide humanitarian aid in emergencies. The AGS system will go live in Italy in the 2017/2018 timeframe at the Italian Air Force’s Sigonella base in Sicily, the AGS Main Operating Base (MOB).

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