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09:13 AM, July 13, 2016
MC-21 Airliner Composite Wing Box Delivered For Static Tests
MC-21 Composite Wing Box Delivered For Static Tests

Irkut Corporation has announced delivery of a polymeric composite wing box for its airliner MC-21.

The wing box manufactured by the AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk plant has been delivered to the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor Zhukovsky (TsAGI) On July 7.

The wing box is designed for static tests, which will define static strength of MC-21 wing. The special wing box test-stand built in TsAGI will implement the test program. The composite structure of this size created will be tested for the first time in Russia, according to the press release.

Extensive use of composite materials manufactured according to unique domestic technologies, will provide MC-21 flight performance advantage of other aircraft in its class.

Currently, assembly of the second MC-21 aircraft is underway at the Irkutsk Aviation, which will also to be sent to TsAGI for static tests.

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