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01:48 PM, July 19, 2016
IFS Applications Named Number One Vendor Of Aerospace and Defense EAM Software
IFS Applications Named Number One Vendor Of Aerospace and Defense EAM Software

IFS, the global enterprise applications company has been identified as the global number one vendor of enterprise asset management (EAM) software for aerospace and defense (A&D) industries.  

IFS has been recognised by ARC Advisory Group in its most recent “Enterprise Asset Management Global Market Research Study”.

According to the report, IFS has gained market share in the aerospace and defense industry in each of the last four years, growing approximately 25 percent since 2012.

“IFS has evolved from a leading European EAM supplier to become a strong enterprise solutions supplier with dedicated vertical industry software components and expertise,” Ralph Rio, Research Director for Enterprise Software, ARC Advisory Group said. "Over the last year, aerospace and defense has seen some major changes with a wave of new technology entering the industry and the next generation of military and civil aviation equipment.”

Director of the global IFS A&D Center of Excellence Graham Grose commented: "A&D product life cycles are now lasting 50 years or more and service level agreements, such as performance based logistics, are now commonplace for equipment support. EAM has become more important than ever in ensuring an organization unlocks the most value from an asset through its life. IFS EAM is agile and flexible enough to be able to track all assets in real-time, ensuring that the best service is achieved, maximizing availability and keeping mission-critical equipment operational and ready for deployment". 


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