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11:49 AM, July 21, 2016
Ukrainian Army Receives 10 ‘Dozer-B’ Armored Vehicles
Dozer-B armored vehicle (Image: Ukroboroprom)

Ukroboronprom has manufactured and delivered a batch of 10 ‘Dozer-B’ armored vehicles to the Ukrainian military offices of Kharkiv and Lviv.

“We have included all customer requirements – the vehicles successfully accomplished acceptance tests and are accepted by MoD representatives,” – said Ukroboronprom Director General Roman Romanov in a statement Wednesday.

The military said that the fighting vehicles were accepted and are ready for further use without any restrictions.

Dozor-B is a armored vehicle that can protect lives of 10 military from armor-piercing bullets, shrapnel and mines, chemical and radiological attacks.

The armored vehicle is fitted with machine gun installation BPU-12.7 with night vision equipment and machine gun NSVT 12.7 with optical monocular periscope sight and is capable to hit manpower, lightly armored equipment and deliver firepower against air threats, flying at subsonic speeds.

It has 4×4 wheel formula that can be effectively used to equip special units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and can have military, reconnaissance, medical, command versions.

It is also equipped with a reliable 4-stroke Deutz diesel engine with engine power of 190 hp, turbocharger and transmission by the world’s leading brand Allison. The armored vehicle has a speed of over 100 km / h and comes with a strong (5.5 kW) air ventilation capacity of 400 cbm /hr., operating in the temperature, ranging from + 20˚ to + 55˚C.

It is fitted with filter-ventilator unit, protecting people from toxic substances, biological aerosols and even radioactive dust.

Now Ukroboronprom capacities allow manufacturing more than 100 armored vehicles ‘Dozor-B’ per year. Besides, the work on their adaptation to NATO standards is in progress. The State Concern goes the extra mile, working already on further tactical and technical characteristics improvement, providing the vehicle with the latest weapons complex and the possibility to overcome water obstacles by swimming.