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03:13 PM, August 1, 2016

KRET plans to begin the international delivery of the Rychag-AB active jammers that can be installed on airplanes and helicopters.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is currently purchasing Mi-8МТПР-1specialized radioelectronic warfare helicopters equipped with the Rychag-AB. In total, 18 of these helicopters will be delivered to the Russian Army, and the supply is planned to be fulfilled by the end of this year, Rostec said in a statement last week.

According to KRET, the Rychag-AB option manufactured for export differs in various aspects.

Rychag-AB active jammers can be installed on airplanes and helicopters as well as at ground facilities. Such an option is capable of completely 'blinding' the enemy within a range of several hundreds of kilometers, providing group protection for airplanes, helicopters and drones against air defense aviation and ground machines against air strikes.

The system can suppress several targets at once. In addition, thanks to an integrated database of different types of threats for covered objects, the device can define the type of target and select the most effective jamming method.

As reported earlier, batch manufacturing of Rychag-ABM station upgrades (which will considerably surpass its predecessor), may be utilized in the coming years. At the end of last year there were discussions about a pre-prototype of the option on an Mi-8 АМТШ helicopter delivered for test operations.

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