Brahmos Missile To Be Drop-Tested From Su-30MKI On Aug-27

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  • 03:00 PM, August 12, 2016
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Brahmos Missile To Be Drop-Tested From Su-30MKI On Aug-27
Brahmos integrated on IAF Su-30MKI fighter jet

The work on Indo-Russian supersonic cruise missiles Brahmos to integrate it on Su-30MKI fighter are at final stages and is likely ot be completed by month end.

"The decisive test will be held on August 26-27. If it succeeds the work to integrate Brahmos with the fighter will be practically completed. It is a very important and responsible stage. The discharge of the missile from Su-39MKI at the army test range Chandan in Rajasthan State in the northwest of India shall be precise and perfect," CEO of Brahmos Aerospace, Sudhir Kumar Mishra was quoted as saying by TASS Friday. 

Sudhir Kumar Mishra said "such tests are very risky." "Dozens of aircraft were lost in the world during them, but if everything goes successfully we would be able to say that the creation of the airborne version has been completed 99 percent," he said. 

He also said the first test flight of Su-30MKI with integrated Brahmos missile took place on June 25. Ten other successful flights followed and aircraft performed complicated menoeuvres at supersonic speed.

"The next round of tests is planned for October. It will master transmission of adjustment commands from the fighter to the missile and back in order to ensure precise hit," Mishra said.

The fighter will have to fire the missile two more times, and both Russian and Indian experts will be engaged. "In December 2016 Brahmos will be fired at a moving seaborne target and in early 2017 - at a ground target. After that all Indian requirements for aircraft missile supplies will be met. By the middle of 2017 we plan to equip with cruise missiles at least two squadrons of Indian Air Force with 40 Su-30MKI each," he said.

The airborne BrahMos will be propelled by a scramjet air-breathing jet engine. It will be capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 7 (or 5,238 mph) and will have an operational range of 300 km.  It will weigh about 1500 kg and 6 m in length. It will cost an approximate $8 million per missile. Weight of the nuclear warhead is about 300 kg for the air-launched version.Suitable fighters that will be able to carry the missile under their wings are the Mig-29, Su-30 MKI and the FGFA.

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