China's New Twin-engined Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight

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  • 01:21 PM, August 16, 2016
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China's New Twin-engined Helicopter Completes Maiden Flight
AC312E helicopter (Image: AVIC)

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has completed the maiden flight of its new twin-engined AC312E helicopter.

Based on the techniques from the civilian helicopter AC312A, as well as both domestic and foreign market demands, AVIC HAIG’s AC312E is a light twin-engine helicopter, AVIC said in a statement on July 27 this year.

It’s high-power, yet fuel efficient engine, and advanced comprehensive avionic system, is optimized for “hot & high” conditions, as well as plains, guaranteeing a higher level of security, dependability, and comfort, as well as lower maintenance and operation costs.

The maximum takeoff weight is 4,250kg, plus 9 passengers or 600kg in cargo, which gives the AC312E significant advantages in its class in delivering ergonomic performance and minimizing operation costs.

 It can be modified according to customers’ specific needs and used in various operations, such as medical assistance, general transportation, research and rescue, police operation, passenger transportation, and VIP services.

AVIC will strive for the challenging goal of 10 billion RMB (approximately $1.5 billion) in revenue, at which time it will deliver approximately 20% of new GA products worldwide and 40% in the domestic market, as well as provide 20% of GA operations and services in China.

As for product expansion, AVIC will accelerate the modification and improvement of those aircraft with certificates such as the Y-12 family, the AC helicopter family and the LE 500.

The company will try to win the type certifications and orders for aircraft in development like the AG300, the light business aircraft SF50 and the AC352 helicopter as soon as possible. A broad technical cooperation will be forged to support researches on new aircraft (e.g. the AG100 trainer, twin-engine turboprop business aircraft and the AC322 helicopter).

AVIC will focus on business aircraft and GA products for national or industrial customers and take an active part in the R&D for economic, secure and public-oriented products like general aircraft below six-ton//9 seats class or helicopters below 3-ton-class.

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