Ministry of Defence to Acquire Two Unmanned Underwater Vehicles for the Navy

  • (Source: Estonian Ministry of Defence)
  • 12:00 AM, October 21, 2008
  • 1897
The Ministry of Defence signed a contract last week to acquire two lightweight Remus 100 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.>> The system, delivered by the US company Hydroid Inc., is equipped with modern sonar technology and additional sensors. Above all, the Unmanned Underwater Vehicles will be used in the Navy for planning mine countermeasures (MCM) activities and mapping the seafloor. The acquired system can also be used to support the activities of clearance divers in regions with shallow water and harbour areas and as an additional sensor on minehunters, acquired from the United Kingdom.>> The Remus 100 type Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are used, or are planned for usage by, for example, the navy of Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the United States of America, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and more. According to the procurement contract, the price of the delivery will be confidential.>> According to the development plants of the Navy, the share of unmanned systems for discharging the functions of the Navy is to be increased and this procurement is the first step in this regard.>> -ends->
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