Russia To Produce 100th Sukhoi Su-34 Tactical Bomber

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  • 08:56 AM, August 19, 2016
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Russia To Produce 100th Sukhoi Su-34 Tactical Bomber
Russia To Produce 100th Sukhoi Su-34 Tactical Bomber
Russia’s Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Plant (NAZ) will be manufacturing the 100th Sukhoi Su-34 tactical bomber soon.
The production program has already been launched, a NAZ employee told TASS Defense Wednesday.
The Su-34 development and production program is known to have included the manufacture of 10 prototypes, of which eight were designated for flight tests and remaining two for static ones. The Russian Aerospace Force is expected to take delivery of 150-200 aircraft of this type.
The Su-34 tactical bomber is designed to deal with surface targets, including moving ones, by means of a wide range of weapons, including precision-guided munitions.
The Su-34’s maximum high-altitude speed stands at 1,900 km/h and its ferry range accounts for 4,000 km. The aircraft is capable of in-flight refueling.  A pair of AL-31F turbofans powers it with each producing the 12,500-kgf thrust at full afterburner and two staff crew the bomber.
The aircraft can handle aerial threats as well. The plane has the round-the-clock and all-weather operation capabilities.
The aircraft conducted its maiden flight in 1990 and entered service in 2014. The first production-standard Su-34 was received by the Russian Air Force in December 2006. Its construction started in 2005 and also it was the ninth Su-34 built by the plant.
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