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11:37 AM, August 25, 2016
Russian Helicopters Approves Mi-Series Service Center In Iran
Mi-17 medium transport helicopter

Russian Helicopters has conducted a technical examination of the Iranian Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC) to authorize it as the only Mi-series aircraft and components repair enterprise in Iran

Russian experts carried out technical examination of the Iranian company during July 2016, the company announced Thursday.

During the talks between Russian Helicopters representatives and their Iranian colleagues, an action plan was developed for reequipping the aircraft repair enterprise - IHSRC and its subsequent authorization as the only comprehensive center for maintenance and overhaul of the Mi-17/171 civilian helicopters in Iran.

"The authorization of the IHSRC repair facility will enable operators of Russian military helicopters to perform repair work in Iran and allow them to provide timely repairs,” said Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO Igor Chechikov. The development of a comprehensive after-sales service system is one of our main tasks, Chechikov added.

The Russian Helicopters company is discussing the potential supply of Ka-226T and Ansat light utility helicopters to Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education," Deputy Director General, Alexander Shcherbinin said. "The issue of these helicopters` licensed manufacturing in Iran is also being worked up. We suppose that Tehran has a requirement for 60 Russian-originated light utility rotor-wing aircraft," Shcherbinin said.

At the company’s initiative, a workshop for Iranian customers and operators of Russian helicopters was organized from 23 to 25 August in Tehran.

The workshop was attended by specialists from various Russian Helicopters enterprises including developers, manufacturers and those involved in service and maintenance of helicopters.  During the event, participants visited IHSRC facilities and got acquainted with the enterprise.

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