Norrad Launches Training Software For UK Military Personnel

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  • 01:26 PM, August 25, 2016
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Norrad Launches Training Software For UK Military Personnel
Norrad Launches Firearms and Tactical Training Software

Norrad launched a firearms and tactical training software BioSension that uses big data to reduce costs and training time of law enforcement personnel, military, and specialized tactical teams.

Available as a mobile and computer-based application, BioSension is composed of several modules designed to improve the marksmanship skills of a single shooter or group of students, company announced Wednesday.

“The inefficiencies of traditional training techniques can end up costing quite a bit of money and time,” said Troy Nolen, CEO and founder of the New Hampshire-based company Norrad.

“We saw the gap in the market and launched BioSension with the idea that we can use the advantages of modern technology to decrease the time required to train shooters, and minimize ammunition costs.” Nolen added.

Through the use of remote sensors, video, and biometric feedback, the application enables shooters to progress rapidly through their training program, or improve their skills. Trainers are able to give immediate feedback, on the spot, to correct deficiencies.

Fully customizable for any organization, BioSension allows instructors the ability to monitor and communicate with multiple students at different locations from one centralized point. This provides real time, on-the-spot coaching and correcting of deficiencies, instead of coaching after the fact. Trainers are able to use the biometric data on each operator, in a way never before available in a training environment.

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