China’s New Generation Strategic Bomber Out In Public Soon

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  • 09:20 AM, September 2, 2016
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China’s New Generation Strategic Bomber Out In Public Soon
PLAAF Xian H-6M bomber (Image: Wikipedia)

China will soon unveil a new generation strategic bomber it is developing.

China’s Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Ma Xiaotian was quoted as saying to Global times news daily that the Chinese air force’s strike capabilities have significantly increased over time.

“We are currently developing a new generation of strategic bombers, soon you will be able to see it,” Ma told the Global Times (Huanqiu Shibao) newspaper.

Ma gave no additional details on the new bomber.

Last year, China unveiled its Xian H-6K strategic bomber, a licensed copy of the Soviet Tu-16 aircraft. The H-6K is equipped with the DH-20 cruise missile, which gives the Chinese bomber the ability to hit targets located as far away as Australia, Sputnik reported Friday.

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