North Korea Launches 3 Ballistic Missiles In Response To South’s ‘Inevitable Self-defense’ Comment

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  • 07:04 AM, September 5, 2016
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North Korea Launches 3 Ballistic Missiles In Response To South’s ‘Inevitable Self-defense’ Comment
North Korean Musudan intermediate range ballistic missile

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continued its ballistic missile launches with three more fired into eastern waters earlier today hours after South Korean Presdient said deployment of US THAAD as 'inevitable self-defense'.

North Korea on Monday fired three ballistic missiles into East Sea from its western area of Hwangju in North Hwanghae province at 12:14 P.M local time, Yonhap news agency reported, citing South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

North Korea fired the three missiles after South Korea justified stationing US anti-missiles as ‘inevitable self-defense’ as reported by Russia Today news daily.

This is the tenth in a series of ballistic tests North has carried out so far this year.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye told her Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that North Korea’s behavior this year has “seriously undermined peace in this region and posed a challenge to the development of the South Korea-China relations,” RT reported.

The Chinese President told Park that China opposes the US deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea.

“Mishandling the issue is not conducive to strategic stability in the region and could intensify disputes,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

Park Geun-hye however defended the decision to station the US THAAD anti-missile system as an "inevitable, self-defense" measure to counter threats stemming from Pyongyang.

Beijing, like Russia, continues to worry that the system's radar will be able to track its military capabilities and pose a threat to its national security.


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