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12:27 PM, September 6, 2016
Elbit Systems To Display IR Missile Systems At US Exhibition
Passive Airborne Warning System (PAWS) IR based missile warning system

Elbit Systems of the US will be displaying PAWS-US IR-Missile System alongwith other aircraft modernizing capabilites at the US 18th General Conference and Exhibition, held from September nine to 12.

PAWS-US IR-based Missile Warning System provides protection for aircrews during constantly changing combat environments. The system allows for early threat detection and warning as well as enhanced situation awareness allowing pilots to focus on their mission, not the threat. The PAWS-US IR sensors when enhanced with Elbit Systems of America's IR-Centric capabilities can turn missile defense systems into a targeting quality, sensor to shooter, offensive solutions.

The company also plans to showcase Precision Semi-active Laser and Multi-mode seekers that are designed for smart munitions such as the Laser JDAM. Deployed in multiple theaters of operation, the seekers can increase detection range and are highly effective against static and high-speed moving targets, the company announced Tuesday.

The display also includes helmet trackers to improve situational awareness in the Degraded Visual Environments (DVE). DVE is anything that limits the Army National Guard pilots' ability to clearly see terrain, obstacles, or other visual references around their aircraft. The hazard could be fog, smoke, dust, rain, or an extremely dark night and can be encountered during any phase of the mission.The company currently offers advanced cueing software that provides detailed takeoff and landing information for helicopter pilots to use in brownout conditions.

The company also showcases logistics support to the C/RC-26 including Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance - Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) avionics upgrades to meet FAA and EASA mandates and requirements thru 2030.

The company will be featuring C-130 avionics and aircraft performance upgrades to address the aircraft equipment obsolescence issues and increasing aircrew mission effectiveness. The company's advanced cockpit systems include mission processors, flight management systems, and large area displays designed to increase the aircrew situational awareness and safety.

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