Antonov To Construct An−132D Transport Aircraft With Western Parts

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  • 03:49 PM, September 13, 2016
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Antonov To Construct An−132D Transport Aircraft With Western Parts
Antonov Company Is Completing Construction of New An 132D without Russian Vendor Items

Antonov plans to construct its first AN-132 tranport aircraft completely with western parts and components by the year-end.

The company announced Monday that it has found Western suppliers capable of replacing its parts and components.

Till the end of the current year, Antonov will complete construction of the AN-132D aircraft demonstrator by the contract with the customer from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Next year we have to complete the programme of replacement of Russian−made vendor items, which was started in summer 2015. Agreements with suppliers from Europe, Canada, USA and Ukraine has been already reached.

After that, series production of new Antonov aircraft will be launched. In particular, we will start construction of series AN−178. Besides, at present Antonov is working on modernization of the transports AN−124−100 operated by Antonov Airlines.

Nowadays, these airplanes are fitted with systems and equipment of CMC Electronics, Canada," said Oleksandr Kotsiuba, President of Antonov Company.

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