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09:10 AM, September 15, 2016
Weapons Tested In Indonesian Naval Exercise
Indonesian anti-submarine rocket: File photo

Indonesia has tested various missiles, submarine rockets, surface and underwater torpedoes during its biennial exercise conducted by its Navy in the Java Sea.

This year the event involved 39 warships of various types, eight aircraft and 7,500 personnel.

The exercise, codenamed "Armada Jaya XXXIV / 2016",  witnessed a number of highlights, including a RBU 6000 anti-submarine rocket launch, as well as the trial of C-705 missiles and surface and underwater torpedoes, The Jakarta Post reported Wednesday.

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo witnessed the biennial exercise.

Apart from being used to measure the capability of naval personnel, the exercise was also aimed at measuring the readiness of a well-equipped naval integrated fleet weapon system (SSAT) in supporting joint military operations in the future.

Jokowi expected that Indonesia in the future would be able to produce all the strategic weapons that now were made in other countries to support the effort to create self-sufficiency in defense equipment.

"We will make our own strategic weapons. I think we can learn [from the weapons that we have just bought] so that we can have our own industry produce them," Jokowi said in an official statement.

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