Indian Navy To Induct First Locally-Made Aircraft Carrier By 2018

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  • 09:34 AM, September 15, 2016
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Indian Navy To Induct First Locally-Made Aircraft Carrier By 2018
IAC-1 graphical representation (Image:Directorate of Naval Design, Indian Navy)

The Indian Navy intends to induct its first home-grown aircraft carrier by 2018 and is considering building a second such ship.

Indian navy has set the target of having 212 ships in its fleet by 2027 which will be a "real challenge" and there is a need to work "very hard" for it, Vice Admiral (Controller Warship Production and Acquisition) G S Pabby told reporters Wednesday. 

The government is seriously considering IAC-2 and it is in "concept" stage, he said.

The Information Exchange Annex signed between India and the US will benefit the navy in its IAC-1 project, Pabby said. 

"Since the Americans have a good experience as they have commissioned a large number of ships, we are hoping that we will draw from their experience," the senior navy officer said.

For getting technologies available with the US, an agreement and protocol for sharing information -- maintaining its confidentiality and integrity -- was needed to be signed. The Information Exchange Annex is that protocol.

Since then, a team of senior US Navy officials has visited the shipyard at Cochin last month to help with some issues in the IAC-1.

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