Angola, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan To Get Russian Mil Helicopters By 2017

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  • 02:05 PM, September 15, 2016
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Angola, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan To Get Russian Mil Helicopters By 2017
Mil Mi-35M helicopter

Angola, Mali, Nigeria and Sudan will be acquiring Russian Mil Mi-8/17 medium multirole and Mi-24/35 attack helicopters by 2017.

Helicopters are the most sought military hardware in South Africa, said Yury Demchenko, the head of the delegation for Rosoboronexport, to the Africa Aerospace & Defense Expo, which opened in the South African Republic on Wednesday.

"In 2016-2017, we are considering exporting these helicopters to Angola, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria. Our position in the African helicopter market is solid, so we are optimistic about the prospects of cultivating it further," the delegation chief was quoted as saying by TASS.

Similarly Russia had exported their helicopters to exported to Angola, Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda in 2014 and 2016. Many African nations seek to buy inexpensive equipment, especially used ones, he added.

Russia’s military-technical cooperation with the African countries has been steadily increasing for the past few years. "By and large the share of Africa in the world export of weapons is relatively small. For instance sub-Saharan Africa accounts for about two percent." Demchenko said.

However, Russia believes that the African market is very promising for Russia. Partly, this is a result of rising threats from terrorists and pirates and also due to drug trafficking and illegal production of hydrocarbons and seafood. Besides, the African countries have increased their participation in regional and international peace keeping missions.

The exhibition in South Africa, which is being held from September 14 to 18, is the largest in Africa. According to the organizers, nearly 400 companies from 43 countries are taking part. The Russian delegation plans meetings with delegates from more than 25 countries in Africa, as well as delegations from a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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