Israeli UVision partners with Firstec To Sell Lethal Loitering Systems In South Korea

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  • 10:43 AM, September 19, 2016
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Israeli UVision partners with Firstec To Sell Lethal Loitering Systems In South Korea
HERO 30 Short-Range Lethal Loitering System

Israel’s UVision has partnered with South Korea's Firstec to sell the company's short-range HERO-30 Lethal Loitering Systems in market of the East Asian country.

"South Korea is a strategic market for us for two main reasons. First, we have identified a need in this market for systems such as our HERO-30, which can effectively meet the complex and evolving threats faced by South Korea. Besides, we see it as a technology leader in the area and as such, a starting point for the entire Asian market.” said Noam Levitt, UVision Chief Executive Officer said in a statement today.

Yong Woo Jeon, CEO and President of FIRSTEC said, “This will be a stepping stone for FIRSTEC in strengthening its position as a provider of total unmanned systems in Korea. During the first stage, we will jointly produce and market HERO-30 systems for the local market."

The HERO 30 – the smallest of UVision's HERO family of Smart Loitering Systems is designed to deliver short-range pinpoint strikes in remote locations or in populated urban areas where speed of target opportunity response and minimizing collateral damage are of prime importance. 

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