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10:20 AM, September 24, 2016
Air-To-Air Missile MICA Tested From Indian Mirage-2000 Jet Fighter
MBDA MICA Missile: representative image

Indian Air Force has fired a long range air-to-air MICA missile from Mirage-2000 fighter jet on a manoeuvring target.

The missile achieved a direct hit on a target which was much smaller than an actual aircraft and flying at a low altitude, several Indian media reported.

The target was destroyed on missile impact validating the launch envelope of the missile, various media reported Friday.

MICA is the multi-mission air-to-air missile system for the Rafale and the latest versions of Mirage 2000-5 combat aircraft. The missile has dual role.

The Mica missiles are known to have high level of tactical flexibility with multi-mission, multi-target Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capability. They are also able to perform well in Enhanced Short Range (SR). They have an operational range of 50 km.

Made by MBDA, the MICA also froms part of the Rafale weapons package signed on by India yesterday

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