S-400 Missile System Hits High-speed Simulated Targets During Russian Military Exercise

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  • 01:20 PM, September 27, 2016
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S-400 Missile System Hits High-speed Simulated Targets During Russian Military Exercise
S-400 'Triumf' missile defense system

A S-400 missile defense system hit a target at 45 kilometers height flying at a speed of 1,500 meters per second (4,000 feet per second) in trials held by  the Russian Central Military District last week.

A total of six missiles were launched, hitting several high speed targets which included the Kaban target missile, moving along a flat ballistic trajectory.

This hit confirms its positon as one of the most lethal anti-missile systems in the world capable of taking out threats including high speed and high altitude reconnaissance and bomber aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.

Tuesday's exercise was the first drill involving the S-400 system held in the CMD. The S-400 Triumph is an air defense missile system that integrates a multifunction radar, autonomous detection and targeting systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, launchers, and command and control center. It is capable of firing three types of missiles capable of destroying aerial targets at both short and extremely long distances.

Russia is said to be exporting the missile defense system to India and China. Though India had initially planned the purchase in month of May this year, later it announced that it has postponed the purchase of S-400 missile defense system at least for 2 years due to scarcity of funds. 

Though it was not mentioned how long, in a written reply to an Indian parliamentarian, Defense Minister Parrikar had explained that the five firing units of S-400 LRSAM system are planned for induction in Indian Air Force in 13th plan period (2017-2022).

India, after acquiring, will likely station three S-400 regiments in the West facing Pakistan and two units in the country’s East in close proximity to the Sino-Indian border.

In November 2014 Moscow and Beijing inked a $3 billion agreement for the supply of six battalions of S-400 anti-aircraft/anti-missile systems that will significantly boost China’s air defence capability against the US and its allies in the Western Pacific.

Last July even Vietnam announced that it was negotiating to buy the missile defense system from Russia and has plans to buy atleast four.

Russia has also deployed this missile system recently to Syria.

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