BAE System Offers Sub-contracting Opportunities To Australian SMEs on Global Combat Ship Project

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  • 03:14 PM, September 27, 2016
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BAE System Offers Sub-contracting Opportunities To Australian SMEs on Global Combat Ship Project
BAE Systems Global Combat Ship

BAE Systems has offered sub-contracting opportunities to 150 Australian SMEs as it readies to start the manufacturing phase for the first three ships.

The company announced Sunday that it is maturing the detailed design for the Type 26 Global Combat ships.

BAE Systems Australia Director Strategy, Fran Murphy, said, "The Global Combat Ship has been designed for export and is currently being offered to Australia and other nations around the world.” Murphy added.

The UK Government is committed to buy eight of the advanced anti-submarine warships in its 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, which will in time replace the UK’s Type 23 frigates.

BAE Systems Australia is proposing the Global Combat Ship for the SEA 5000 (Future Frigates) program to replace the ANZAC class frigates.

The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be globally deployable and capable of undertaking a wide range of roles from high intensity warfare to humanitarian assistance, either operating independently or as part of a task group.

The ship has been designed with an acoustically quiet hull and there is flexibility in the design to allow Type 26 to be upgraded as new technology develops to ensure that it remains relevant to future requirements.

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