North Korea Possesses 88 Pounds Weapons-Grade Plutonium

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  • 12:41 PM, September 28, 2016
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North Korea Possesses 88 Pounds Weapons-Grade Plutonium
A sales person is watching TV sets broadcasting a news on North Korea's fifth nuclear test. Photo Credit: Sputnik News

North Korea has drastically progressed in miniaturization of its nuclear weapons and allegedly possesses at least 88 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium.

The North had reinforced its strategic capabilities and is continuing development of nuclear and biochemical weapons and ballistic missiles, South Korean Defense Ministry was quoted as saying by Sputnik News Wednesday.

"We suppose, that North Korea possesses 40 kilograms [88 pounds] of weapons-grade plutonium and the uranium enrichment program is underway," the ministry said.

North Korea has been under pressure from the international community since its January nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch in February, which resulted in tightening sanctions against Pyongyang in the new UN Security Council resolution in March. On September 9, Pyongyang carried out a new nuclear test at its northeastern nuclear test site.

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