Elbit Systems To Supply Bradley Fighting VehicleGunner's Hand Station To US Army

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  • 11:11 AM, October 5, 2016
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Elbit Systems To Supply Bradley Fighting VehicleGunner's Hand Station To US Army
Bradley Fighting VehicleGunner's Hand Station

Elbit Systems of America has won a $7.3 million contract to supply Bradley Fighting VehicleGunner’s Hand Station to US Army.

The Gunner’s Hand Station provides Bradley vehicle gunners the ability to acquire their target and fire accurately. The Defense Logistics Agency sole-source contract will be performed during a two-year period, the company announced today.

“We have delivered the Gunner’s and Commander’s Hand Station units in the past and are pleased to continue providing US Army Bradley gunners with this capability,” said Amela Wilson, vice president of Sensors & Fire Control Solutions at Elbit Systems of America.

Working in collaboration with the Commander’s Hand Station, the Gunner’s Hand Station is used to drive the rate of movement of the Bradley turret and to initiate control signals to the turret fire control systems in the Bradley M2A3/M3A3 vehicle.

In addition to the Gunner’s Hand Station, Elbit Systems of America also provides the Commander’s Hand Station and the Turret Processing Unit for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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