Harris Corp To Deliver DRTGs And SRAs For Australian On-Board Jammer Systems

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  • 09:55 AM, October 6, 2016
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Harris Corp To Deliver DRTGs And SRAs For Australian On-Board Jammer Systems
AN/ALQ-214 (IDECM) F/A-18 Countermeasure System (Image: Harris Corporation)

Harris Corp has won a $21 million contract against a previously issued agreement for the development and qualification of 12 each new digital receivers and technique generator (DRTG) shop replacement assemblies (SRA). 

The DRTGs and SRAs are for the ALQ-214(V) 4/5 on-board jammer system for the government of Australia. The DRTGs and SRAs will be used for an engineering change proposal involving both a hardware and software/firmware change to address diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages issues of the ALQ-214(V) 4/F on-board jammer system, the US department of defense said in a statement Thursday.

Work is expected to be completed in December 2018.

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