IAF Plans To Acquire 12 Radars To counter missile threat

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  • 12:52 PM, October 10, 2016
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IAF Plans To Acquire 12 Radars To counter missile threat
EL/M-2080 'Super Green Pine' Radar

Indian Air Force(IAF) is planning to acquire 12 high-powered air defence radars that are able to detect targets at 30km altitude to counter missile threats.

The move is intended at combating increasing obsolescence in the country's air defense system and plug the gaps, The Tribune reported today.

The Air Force is expecting the radar to have the ability to detect and track targets with the radar cross section of 0.1 square metre or less following a parabolic trajectory.

The deployment of these radars that have the capability to detect airborne targets at a range of several hundred of kilometers will combat.

The IAF said about their requirement that the radars should be able to detect targets at an altitude of 30 kms with the ability to detect and track targets having a radar cross section of 0.1 square metre or less following a parabolic trajectory.

The systems, which can also be deployed in high altitude areas, should also have measures to counter electronic warfare and anti-radiation missiles.

The move to procure high-powered radars comes in the backdrop of India being in the process of acquiring several other systems, including long-range surface-to-air missiles, to strengthen defenses against aerial threats.

The IAF has an array of low, medium and long range radars to meet different operational requirements. At present, its requirement of high-power radars, which are large and static systems with an elaborate infrastructure, is met by a mix of Russian and French systems.

The French Thales radar, which that has a range of about 600 kms, has been in service for several decades. Besides imported systems, a number of indigenously developed radars such as Rohini, Arudhra and Indra series met low and medium range requirements. The private sector in India is also reported to be working on high-powered radar systems.

The Russian S-400 missile which has a range of 380 km, and Israeli Spyder low-level quick reaction missiles, and the indigenous Akash can fulfil these requirements.

The under development medium range surface-to-air missile along with the missile shield for major cities are among the systems being put in place to strengthen air defence capabilities of the country.

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