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11:00 AM, October 13, 2016
General Dynamics Wins $508 Million To Upgrade US Army Stryker Vehicles
IAV Stryker

General Dynamics has won a $508 million contract to upgrade US Army’s 215 Stryker flat bottom vehicles to double-V engineering change proposal one configuration.

The IAV Stryker is a family of 8x8 chassis armoured fighting vehicles derived from the wheeled armoured vehicle Canadian LAV III, which in turn was based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha III 8x8, and produced by General Dynamics Land Systems.

The Stryker vehicle can reach speeds of more than 60 mph and handle any type of terrain. It also has 10 different configurations and 85% commonality across the entire fleet.

The upgrades will restore mobility and ensure Stryker vehicles are able to accept future Army network components.

Work is expected to be complete by April 30, 2019.

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