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12:44 PM, October 14, 2016
Thales To Provide Three Additional Deployable Landing System To USAF
Deployable Instrument Landing System (Image: Thales)

Thales has been awarded a $14 million contract for three additional Deployable Instrument Landing System (D-ILS) production representative units as part of a risk reduction effort.

Contractor will provide deployable glideslopes, deployable localizers and the containers for the electrical gear. The D-ILS will provide the Air Force an equivalent of a fixed based instrument landing system capability at tactical airfields, and at airfields where permanent D-ILS capability has been disrupted by events such as natural disaster or humanitarian relief efforts, US department of defense said in a statement Friday.

Work is expected to be complete by Jan. 17, 2019.

The Thales D-ILS is a COTS system based on the Thales ILS 420 – a fixedbased, dual frequency ILS which is the industry’s next generation ILS with more than 700 fixed-base systems chosen worldwide for civil and military applications.

The systems will be used in airfield environments where the ability to provide precision guidance to aircraft on final approach during low visibility or low-ceiling weather conditions – while also being able to quickly setup, activate, break-down and re-locate – are critical.

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