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04:18 PM, October 14, 2016
PIRIOU, KERSHIP and DCNS Win Two French Navy Offshore Support Vessels Contract
Offshore Support And Rescue vessels (BSAH)

PIRIOU, KERSHIP and DCNS have won a French Navy contract to provide two more offshore support and rescue vessels (BSAH). 

The two ordered today will be delivered in 2019, the French defense procurement agency announced today.

This contract follows a previous order for the first two BSAH vessels, which are scheduled to be delivered in 2018. 

The BSAH will carry out three types of missions. First, it supports naval forces’ towing antennas, targets, accompanying surface vessels and submarines. Second it safeguards persons and property, such as rescue at sea, assistance to ships in distress, environmental protection. Last, the mission covers area of general support such like towing gear, work in military ports.

BSAH will be 70 meters long, have a maximum beam of 16 meters and displace 2,665 tonnes fully loaded. They will be powered by engines producing 5,200 kilowatts, and will carry a crew of 17 sailors with accommodations for 12 additional staff. They will also be able to operate remotely operated underwater vehicles.

The BSAH will be home-ported to the naval bases in Brest and Toulon, and bear the names of French rivers. They will be called respectively: Loire, Rhone, Seine et Garonne. 

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