Leonardo-Finmeccanica Exhibits 'Naval Cockpit' For Integrated Ship Managment At Euronaval 2016

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  • 03:56 PM, October 17, 2016
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Leonardo-Finmeccanica Exhibits 'Naval Cockpit' For Integrated Ship Managment At Euronaval 2016
Naval cockpit (Image: Leonardo-Finmeccanica)

Leonardo-Finmeccanica is exhibiting a “naval cockpit” that enables the integrated management of ship-board operations with a vessel’s combat system at the ongoing Euronaval 2016.

The new Combat Management System features a modular and reconfigurable open architecture that can be customized depending on the demands of a given mission. The system will be represented by a ‘tactical table’, demonstrating the ship’s command and control centre at the show, held from the 17-21st of October in France, the company announced today.

The company will also be exhibiting anti-submarine warfare equipment, including the new ATAS sonar (Active Towed Array Sonar). An innovative new system, the ATAS is the smallest and most powerful variable-depth, towed sonar available today.

Also on display are the large-caliber 127/64 LightWeight (LW) naval gun and the over-bridge version of the 76/62 cannon, equipped with the Strales kit. The gun is able to fire guided DART (Driven Ammunition Reduced Time of Flight) munitions as well as the latest Vulcano ammunition.

The display also includes the AW101 helicopter. It is a multi-role military aircraft which can perform the full range of naval missions, including anti-ship, anti-submarine, search and rescue, radar surveillance, utility and amphibious support.

Also at the stand, visitors will be able to experience, through augmented reality, new naval capabilities including a new multi-functional, fixed-face dual-band radar, friend-or-foe detection and infrared sensors for acquiring and tracking targets, integrated communications systems and satellite radio.

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