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09:03 PM, October 18, 2016
General Dynamics To Produce Hydra-70 Rocket System For US Army
Hydra-70 Rocket System

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has won two contract from US Army Contracting Command to produce 2.75"/70mm Hydra-70 air-to-ground rocket system.

The option exercised is part of a supplies contract originally awarded to General Dynamics in 2014.

General Dynamics has been in continuous production of the Hydra-70 rockets since 1996.

The Hydra 70 rocket fin-stabilized unguided rocket is used primarily in the air-to-ground role. It can be equipped with a variety of warheads, and in more recent versions, guidance systems for point attacks.

The Hydra-70 rocket system is 55in to 70in long and weighs 23lbs to 27lbs. It comprises of three main components - the Mk 66 MOD 4 rocket motor, a warhead and a point-detonating remote-set fuse.


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