USAF Base in Colorado Leaks Toxic Chemicals Into Sewer System

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  • 11:08 AM, October 20, 2016
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USAF Base in Colorado Leaks Toxic Chemicals Into Sewer System
Peterson Air Force Base

A US Air Force airbase has been leaking 150,000 gallons of toxic contaminated water with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) into the sewer system.

Probably a week ago, the retention tank in the airbase has leaked out PFCs contained water at Peterson airbase in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the air base announced in a statement Tuesday. Then the contaminated water flew into a city wastewater treatment plant before crews could stop it.

Presently the cause of leaks and other risks to local communities is being investigated. PFC is a component of firefighting foam. It is related to diseases like prostate, kidney and testicular cancer.

Though the city's drinking water supply is unaffected, the PFC contained water is discharged into a creek, a spokesman said. The tainted water passed through a wastewater treatment plant that cannot remove PFCs, so they were still in the water when it was discharged into Fountain Creek, spokesman Steve Berry said.

Peterson base is also being investigated as the likely source of PFC contamination found in well water in two other nearby communities.

When PFCs were discovered earlier this year in well water south of the base, the Air Force proactively provided $4.3 million to filter and provide drinking water to affected residents while an investigation of potential source areas is conducted. 

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