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03:34 PM, October 24, 2016
Lithuania Signs Contract With Norway To Procure Surface To Air Missile System
Norwegian advanced surface to air missile system

Lithuania has signed an agreement with Norway last week to procure components and missiles of mid-range Norwegian advanced surface to air missile system (NASAMS).

NASAMS is scheduled to be delivered to Lithuania by 2020, the defense ministry announced Friday.

The agreement defines conditions and responsibilities of the parties concerning buying and selling NASAMS components as well as support Norway would render to Lithuania in developing mid-range air defence capabilities.

“Signature of this technical agreement is one of the most important phases in developing mid-range defence capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Norway has not only agreed to sell NASAMS equipment which will strengthen security of Lithuania’s airspace but also to assist in introducing the system in the Lithuanian Armed Forces,” Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas said.

The Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania continues the mid-range air defence system project to procure other NASAMS equipment, namely, radars and fire control centres. Ultimately, all the components will be joined into a system capable of air defence: aerial surveillance and control, provide early warning for ground units, and destroy targets in case of necessity.

The mid-range air defence system project is estimated to cost a little over EUR 100 million, the sum will be used to acquire two air defence batteries for the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

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