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02:40 PM, October 25, 2016
IFS Software Solutions Support UK MoD's Fixed Wing Pilot Training Program
Andy Worwood, Partner Sales Manager, IFS at the IFS World Conference in Gothenburg

Swedish software firm, IFS has provided its Applications 9 and IFS Managed Cloud solutions to support Affinity Flying Training Services which earlier this year won a contract to provide fixed wing flight training services to the UK MoD.

The IFS software solution will go into the wider 1.1 billion pounds contract into modernization of basic and advanced training that includes preparing pilots for F-35 fighter aircraft.

Andy Worwood, Partner Sales Manager at IFS said today at the IFS World Conference in Gothenburg that Affinity Flying Training Services had chosen the Applications 9 and IFS Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure as one Integrated solution for aircraft maintenance and Enterprise Resource Planning. The agreement with IFS is valued at about 1.2 million pounds for the first six years of an 18 year contract.

Affinity will procure, operate and maintain aircraft and aircraft related infrastructure, through to 2033. The training aircraft will be the Grob G 120TP ‘Prefect’ for elementary flying training, the Beechcraft ‘Texan’ T-6C for basic flying training and the Embraer ‘Phenom’ 100 for multi-engine pilot training, an earlier statement from Affinity had said.

Affinity’s service will support the UK MoD to download training tasks from front-line aircraft to cost effective training aircraft and provide the required step-change in aircraft turn around and scheduling to support optimised aircrew training hours. Thirty-eight modern, glass cockpit aircraft will be delivered in a phased approach over the next three years comprising 23 Grob G 120TP ‘Prefects’, 10 Beechcraft ‘Texan’ T-6Cs s and 5 Embraer ‘Phenom’ 100 jets – all featuring digital cockpits, exposing students at an early stage to the technologies they will rely on at the operational level, the statement had added.

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