Russia To Develop Miniature Reconnaissance Drone

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  • 11:50 AM, October 31, 2016
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Russia To Develop Miniature Reconnaissance Drone
Russian Dragonfly drone

Russia is developing a low cost pocket-size reconnaissance drone and other miniature UAVs that can be easily replaced, if shot down on the battle field.

“Right now we are working on several types of UAVs,” Russia’s United Instrument Corporation said in a statement Saturday. Each drone or a group of drones will be chosen to perform specific missions depending on the objective, weather conditions and the landscape.

The Russian mini-UAVs will challenge the 16-gram Norwegian-built Black Hornet drone, which is currently used by the US Marine Corps’ Special Ops units.

All the drones in the line are dragonfly-sized copters, which are easy to control, maneuver and maintain, according to the manufacturer.

The operational rage of the aircraft will be enough to carry out battlefield reconnaissance as well as take part in law enforcement and anti-terrorist operations.

The distinguishing feature of these miniature drones is that they can be replaced immediately, if they are shot down. 

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