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03:45 PM, October 31, 2016
Turkey Develops High-Tech 'Drone Killer' Defense system
Turkey High-Tech 'Drone Killer' Defense system

Turkey's ASELSAN domestic defense firm has developed an integrated air defense system to detect, track and disrupt small and micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) against any threat on public and commercial settlements.

The Air Defense System (İHTAR) uses radio beams to freeze drones in midair by interfering with their control channels, Yeni Safak reported today.

The basic functions of the İHTAR system are the identification of the UAVs, automatic follow-up of the UAVs and labeling them as threats and preventing their illegal activities through most appropriate countermeasures.

The Full system is equipped with electronic scanning air security radar, a stabilized electro-optic director, thermal and daylight cameras, a directional radio frequency inhibitor and jamming system.

The new air defense system aims to protect public and commercial areas, including airports, power plants, civil facilities, border posts and military headquarters, against the UAV's illegal activities, according to the company developing the device.

İHTAR's jamming and deception systems can identify and follow any fixed or mobile threats via radar and cameras. Further the system enables the blunting of the signal of the UAVs' GPS channels, so that the drones lose control and cut contact with the operators.

This air defense system, which has an ability to jam 360 degrees, is managed by a central command. It is designed to protect individual targets against mass attacks. It integrates multiple and various radar and preventive systems with its modular form.

In addition to the radio disruptor / jammer, İHTAR also has an optical disruptor that can disrupt the auto focus on the drone's camera, rendering it useless.

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