Chinese Su-35 Jets To Get New Irbis-E Radar Control Systems

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  • 07:55 AM, November 1, 2016
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Chinese Su-35 Jets To Get New Irbis-E Radar Control Systems
Su-35 Jets To Get New Irbis-E Radar Control Systems

Chinese Su-35 jets contracted from Russia have been offered the Irbis-E radar and RSUO weapons control system which will transform the fighter jets into formidable airborne killing machines.

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), part of State Corporation Rostec, is ready to provide new Irbis-E radar control systems for Su-35 fighters that will be exported from Russia.

“We are ready to equip these SU-35s with a complete set of avionics including airborne radars, control systems, all sensors and a new EW system,” said Vladimir Mikheev, Advisor to First Deputy CEO of KRET.

These fighters will receive newest Irbis-E systems, which provide detection, tracking and coordinate measurement of air, ground, and surface targets, day-and-night, in all weather conditions in the presence of natural noise and jamming.

The fighters also get the RSUO weapon management system, which has special-purpose hardware to identify the condition of weapons aboard the aircraft and control their loading management.

Among other systems – an electronic countermeasures release system that provides protection for the jet from "air-to-air" guided missiles and ground-launched missiles with the help of interference cartridges, a set of flight control levers and sticks for the aircraft and its engines based on HOTAS, which operates by forming analog, manual control signals and issuing single commands, and a SAP active jamming station.

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