Russia Unveils FGA 50 AESA Radar For MiG, Sukhoi Jets At Chinese Air show

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  • 06:52 PM, November 1, 2016
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Russia Unveils FGA 50 AESA Radar For MiG, Sukhoi Jets At Chinese Air show
KRET's ZHUK-AME FGA 50 AESA Radar For MiG-35, Su-35, SU-30MKI

Russian defence electronics maker, Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) showed its Zhuk-AME FGA 50 active phased array (AESA) multi-function compatabiel with the MIG and Sukhoi family of aircraft, at the Air Show China today.

The new radar can detect targets beyond the line of sight, track up to 30 of them and destroy up to 6 targets in the air and 4 on the ground.

Zhuk-AME FGA 50  is a multifunctional, multimode AESA radar (LTCC) that is designed for detection, acquisition, tracking and classification of targets on land, air and water. It can provide information support at low altitudes, navigation, as well as guidance for sophisticated air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons.

“This modernized Zhuk radar station has already received its passport for exporting.  The system beats competitors in many tactical and technical aspects and was designed for the new generation of aircraft including the MIG-35 fighter”, said Deputy CEO of KRET Igor Nasenkov in a statement.

Zhuk-AME can function in various modes and can simultaneously detect and track targets on land, air and water and provide missile guidance for these targets.

AESA allows to increase the detection range for Zhuk-AME up to 160 km and to simultaneously operate in "air-air" and "air-land" modes, to recognize and classify group and single objects, to simultaneously attack multiple targets with high-precision means of destruction, as well as to transmit tactical data to other aircraft and to carry out electronic countermeasures.

The Zhuk-AME FGA 50 – multifunctional multimode AESA radar (LTCC), providing simultaneous tracking of multiple targets due to electronic beam position control. The radar is designed for detection, acquisition, tracking and classification of targets on land, air, and water. FGA 50 can provide information support of low-altitude flight, navigation, guidance for sophisticated air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons. It has advantages in technical characteristics over its competitors, while being smaller and lighter.

The possible aircraft which could be equipped with Zhuk-AME with AESA could be the MiG-35, the Su-30SM, Su-35 and the Su-30MKI.

The AESA radar will most likely be offered as part of the Su-30MKI upgrade package for the Indian Air Force.

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