India develops guided missile testing device

  • 12:00 AM, October 30, 2008
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The Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed a guided missile testing device. According to A K Maini of DRDO, the Laser Technology Center "successfully tested the guided weapon testing devices, which helps improve the accuracy rate of guided weapons of IAF like infra-red guided missiles and laser guided bombs". The innovative device reportedly matches weapons' code specifications with target designators and is capable of simulating the jet exhaust signatures of enemy aircraft. "Missiles drift from their targets because the codes of seekers in missiles do not match with the designators. Our fighter aircraft also face similar problems, as codes in PGMs and laser target designators and seekers tend to shift marginally after some time, which makes the missile drift from its target by a long distance," explained Maini. Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force has inaugurated an integrated command and control system to facilitate the real time networking of all military and civilian radars in southern India. "The [C&C] will help in carrying out real time networking of civil and military radars and will act as a force multiplier for the IAF in the southern peninsula," explained Air Marshal S. Radhakrishnan. The system reportedly integrates IAF, Indian Navy and civilian radars in the southern peninsula via a multi-radar data fusion application. The new C&C also supports air defence functions such as automatic surveillance, identification, threat evaluation, interception and recovery.
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